Representative Installations

  • Shaffer Landfill Solar
    6MW (DC) Billerica, MA
    • First EPA Superfund site approved for a solar project in the US
    • Largest solar project approved on a closed landfill site in MA
    • Overcame significant site slope challenges, litigation issues between the Town and the PRP Group, and potential landfill cap piercing concerns
    • Working with large $20 billion European based investment fund

    The 6 MW Shaffer Landfill Solar Farm is composed of over 19,700 modules deployed on a capped EPA Superfund landfill.
    Due to the sites toxicity, this landfill earned a spot on the Environmental Protection Agency's National Priorities List in 1984.
    In an effort to ensure preservation of the cap and maximize site utility, the project parameters required both minimal ballast as well as deployment over slopes up to 20 percent.

  • Shirley Airport Solar
    5.86MW (DC) Lancaster, MA
    • Closed private airport site
    • Overcame significant tree shading and wetland issues at site
    • Working with large European utility active in US market
  • Federal Hill Solar
    3.56MW (DC) Oxford, MA
    • Land previously used for farming
    • Overcame significant rezoning and shading issues related to cell tower close to site
    • Working with large US based investment fund active in solar