About us

Urban Green Technologies offers a complete solution for anyone looking to either develop a solar project or invest in renewable energy.

Urban Green Technologies, a solar project developer, is redefining what it means to be a clean energy company, with a number of utility-scale solar plants that provide competitive clean electricity. Our mission is to transform our world sustainably to meet its energy needs with clean electricity.

Our development strategy is to build a balanced portfolio of utility scale solar projects ranging in size from 1 - 50 MW to meet the increasing demand from utilities for clean electricity at highly competitive prices.

Technology expertise, supply chain capabilities, and access to capital enable Urban Green Technologies to deliver solar generating plants at any scale with market-leading cost and efficiency.

Working with the largest energy engineering/procurement /construction companies (EPC), UGT creates the most economic pathway in efficiencies and construction of renewable energy sites and selects the optimal electrical generating components, contracts installation and maintains real time monitoring of the physical site.

The company’s core aptitude lies in identifying, developing and the financing of photovoltaic (solar) farms as well as commercial roof-top and parking structure solutions. In addition, we assist in securing government tax incentives, subsidies, grants and contracting long term power purchase agreements with local electrical companies.